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Readiness Network, Inc. and its enterprise subsidiaries provide educational and technology-enabled solutions to help individuals and organizations elevate their leadership, preparedness, and response capabilities to deliver RESULTS with CONFIDENCE.  

The company does business as both the National Command & Staff College and the International Academy of Public Safety.  Review here …

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Founder and chief executive officer

mitch Javid, ph.d

Mitch Javidi is a peak performance and human behaviorist with experience in academia, military, law enforcement, government, pharma, and technology. He developed “MAGNUS OVEA,” a theory of Officers’ wellness, and founded several institutions. He trained at JSOC and USASOC and has received honorary titles, including the honorary member of the US Army Special Operations Command and honorary Sheriff by the National Sheriffs’ Association. Read More…



Readiness Network’s reputation as a trusted provider of educational resources and technology-enabled solutions is a testament to its commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer service. Whether you are an individual looking to improve your skills or an organization seeking to enhance your capabilities, Readiness Network is a valuable partner that can help you achieve your goals and succeed in today’s complex and rapidly changing world.